GOP tax promises, broken

As the Senate’s tax cut bill careened toward passage last week, it should have reminded its Republican authors of all the malpractice they complained about when Democrats were in charge: A big, complex bill unveiled at the last minute. Hasty committee hearings that left important details unwritten. Closed-door negotiations in the middle of the night. And special deals for senators who withheld their votes: oil drilling for Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, medical deductions for Maine’s Susan Collins, a bigger small-business deduction for Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson (who owns part of a small business). Important parts of the bill were still being rewritten on Friday afternoon.

But that was just the messy process. Even worse is the substance of the bill: a heap of broken promises.

President Trump said the centerpiece of his economic policy would be a middle-class tax cut, “the biggest in American history.” That’s not what it turned out to be.

Instead, the bill is essentially a big corporate tax cut, with modest (and unevenly-distributed) individual tax cuts on the side.

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