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I recently received a newsletter from Sen. Ernst regarding the Trump tax cuts and am distressed by both the bill and her comments.

First, she cited the Tax Foundation estimate of “middle-income Iowa families receiving roughly $2,600 in after-tax income” as a reason to vote for the bill.

However, the Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that “Families making $40,000-$50,000 per year would PAY a combined $5.3 billion MORE in taxes while those making $1 million or more would get a $5.8 billion CUT in taxes.

I would suggest the difference in the estimation has to do with the bias of the Tax Foundation — a right-wing think tank. Whereas The Joint Committee on Taxation is a Committee of the U.S. Congress established under the Internal Revenue Code and composed of 10 members: five from the Senate Finance Committee and five from the House Ways and Means Committee.

I suggest that the information she and her fellow Republicans were presenting to Iowans was intended to be misleading. I suspect the estimation of the Joint Committee on Taxation to be more accurate. She knew that and Shame on HER!

Secondly, the following is from Sen. Ernst’s webpage entitled BUDGET AND SPENDING: “Just like hardworking families all across Iowa and this country do every day, I believe that the federal government should balance its own budget. We are already more than $20 trillion in debt; our children and grandchildren deserve better than uncontrolled spending and more debt from Washington piled onto their future. That is why I supported a balanced budget which set the framework to cut out-of-control spending, putting Congress on the right path toward restoring fiscal responsibility in Washington. I have also opposed efforts by many in Washington to raise the debt limit and increase spending caps. We must cut this out of control spending and ensure that spending constraints are in place if we are going to get our debt under control.”

Yet, Ernst voted YES on a tax bill that will raise the deficit by at least $1.4 trillion. In my opinion, she is just another tax-and-spend Republican and, just like Sen. Rubio recently predicted, ERNST will be back a year from now screaming about the deficit and will suggest a solution — to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

THAT IS HER PLAN and I wish she were honest enough to admit it.

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