Letters to the Editor: 01-01-18

Artificial intelligence

I doubt robots will ever become humanized. Self-preservation has to be learned throughout life by fear, shame, and many, many mistakes. A baby has to learn not to put its hand in a fire and not to play with rattlesnakes.

Will a robot learn that? Will a robot know that swimming is not a recommended sport? Will some robots become homosexual, psychopathic, Republicans, Democrats, or some label that we humans never heard of?

Ken Churchill, Hesperia

Ashamed of the Democratic party

I would like to thank Mr. Bruce for expressing exactly how I feel regarding the Dems.

I must say that I have never voted for only one party. I tried to pick the one I felt would make the best decisions for the American people.

If only the liberals had researched all the illegal things Hillary Clinton had done in the past, including her illegal part in President Nixon’s impeachment, they would have realized she was not presidential material.

P.S., she was also fired because of that, with her boss saying she was the most corrupt young lawyer he had ever hired.

Sharon Fleming, Hesperia


“So many songs today are girly songs” said the man with diamond earrings.

C.A. Meschter, Victorville

Not too ashamed to lie

The author of “Ashamed of the Democratic party” is clearly lying about ever being a Democrat. No Democrat would believe the outlandish Republican propaganda he repeats and no true Democrat would ever refer to the Democratic party as the Democrat party. He repeats the standard Republican lies about CNN but obviously gets his information from far-right TV, radio and internet feeding him garbage like the Democratic party is being run today by “crooked Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

What exactly has lying, crooked Donald Trump gotten done? He spends most of his time golfing, tweeting and watching Fox News, but he has still made time to repeatedly embarrass us in front of the world community, shocking, angering and endangering the entire planet with his complete ignorance of what is happening in the real world around him. He’s turned most of our nation’s long-time allies against us and completely destroyed America’s status as leader of the free world. They see him for the moronic buffoon that he really is and no longer want to deal with us.

It was the Republicans in Congress that sat on their butts for eight years and swore to oppose anything supported by President Obama, yet he still managed to take the horrendous economy he inherited from George W. Bush and bring it back to the strong economy Trump is now trying to take credit for. History will record presidents like Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama as among the best leaders our nation ever had. Trump will go down as the absolute worst, if there is an America left when he’s through.

I’m sick of listening to gullible people of below average intelligence tell us that only they love America and want to improve it and then vote for a fast-talking con man with dangerous connections to Russia who is destroying it from within.

Danny Sexton, Apple Valley

Congress to cut spending?

To get a true cut in spending, Congress will have to abandon its baseline budget procedures, which is highly unlikely. The budget proposed by Congress each year is 110 percent of the previous year’s budget under baseline budgeting. When you hear Congress complaining that Republicans want to cut the budget of government, they most generally are talking about reducing the 10 percent increase that is automatic under baseline budgeting. The last balanced budget was imposed on President Clinton by a Republican-controlled Congress. The Obama administration didn’t even propose a budget the entire eight years, instead thriving on a series of interim budgets, which most often proceeded threat of government shutdowns. Socialist/Democrats don’t dare let the public know what they plan to spend.

The Joint Committee on Taxation, a congressional bureaucratic organization that has been wrong in its estimate of revenue shortfall due to tax cuts, is notorious. They were wrong in each of the tax cuts enacted by the Reagan, Kennedy, Clinton and Bush administrations. This is done intentionally to allow Socialist/Democrats to require offset taxation so that government does not have to do with less. There indeed could be a minor short-term reduction in federal revenues as the new income tax program gets started, but the robust increase in revenue will quickly wipe out any adverse effect so incurred.

A big improvement would be to abandon baseline budgeting, propose and approve a line-by-line budget balanced on projected income, live within the budget so proposed, and do not allow deficit spending except in time of war or national disaster.

Republicans have always supported a smaller government, and less spending. They will continue to do so in spite of Socialist/Democrat opposition.

Lee Bell, Apple Valley

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