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How do you show up to do business? The way I show up for beach business seems to be lacking. At this year’s CCH Connections User Conference, my romper and WK baseball hat just didn’t cut it in the hot sun and all those fashionable beach bodies. The extreme differences between the Midwest and Miami floored me. Now, I’ve traveled extensively and have seen lots of different places, but for whatever reason, it just made me think about the world around us and the stark culture divide that’s becoming more obvious in our profession. I’m talking about tech-savvy firms.

There’s a widening gap between old-school, traditional firms and the tech-savvy firms that love the latest, sexy, shiny and new. Firms that are embracing all things digital. Like the new predictive intelligence product Wolters Kluwer just released: CCH Axcess iQ. CCH Axcess iQ helps firms make use of the data in their CCH Axcess systems by identifying clients who may be affected by tax changes.

Solutions that evolve as fast as your firm

Tech-savvy firms are looking for solutions that evolve faster, because our firms are evolving even faster. These firms are investing in the training for new team members in soft skills as well as technical skills. And they are using the new tax law as an opportunity for additional advisory services.

Now, I have to say the conference was a great place to learn new things. The classes I took were exceptional. However, my favorite part is always the opportunity to connect with other firms and see what they are doing that’s new and different.

I also got to hang out with Tony Nitti, Forbes writer and tax partner at WithumSmith+Brown. We talked 199A.  I spent time outside of my comfort zone and learned about Artificial Intelligence and even blockchain, going deeper into subjects that typically I feel are for the CITP crowd.

Keeping up with the pace of change

It’s a must these days that we all increase our technical savviness, whether it be in technology or in new tax laws. Everything is changing so fast. It’s the only way for us to keep up. We have to have this attitude of being a life-long learner so that we can continue to show up as relevant for our customers. We also have to set the tone for our team members.

Do you show up to the world in your romper and baseball hat? Or do you show up ready “to work it”? The choice is yours. Wolters Kluwer is trying to help us remain relevant. It’s your choice to accept or reject it.

The event closed with a rave and everyone danced. This shows that there is room for everyone in the future, even as that future races toward us faster and faster.

To learn more about what the tax firm of the future looks like, download Jody’s whitepaper, “The New Firm Transformation: Technology, Growth and the Future.”

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Author: Jody Padar, CPA, MST

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