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When it comes to corporate tax compliance, there’s no room for best guesses, which may or may not work out. Your current stakeholders trust that corporate tax and accounting professionals know how to adapt to changes now, and in the future. There is very little room for error.  With this said, it’s imperative for those responsible with corporate tax guidance, to get reliable yet actionable information, to be able to share with their stakeholders.

Kathleen Grant, Product Line Manager, Corporate Direct, “The biggest fear is the unknown. You want to make sure that you’re compliant while at the same time taking advantage of recent tax law changes, for the benefit of your business. The tax reforms this year are pervasive and touch virtually everyone, from individual, to business to fiduciaries.  Now more than ever, the reliance on a strong tax compliance software is a top priority.”

Let’s Evolve Together

The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act effects all entities and non-profit organizations. Our latest infographic breaks down just a few of the significant impacts that the TCJA has on businesses. We know the recent changes will take an enormous amount of additional time to research and understand the impacts to your business. By partnering with Wolters Kluwer, you can help your business navigate and evolve faster when their are changes, while remaining in compliance. If you don’t eliminate the additional manual work these tax changes have created, you will feel even more time compression to meet tax deadlines. There will certainly be no time for strategic tax planning or time to address other strategic business needs this year. For your already over-worked team, the risk of missing something critical to your business’ success is likely if you don’t act now. Let us help automate your manual tax preparation and compliance processes, create an audit trail necessary to build an audit defense and help you protect your business by getting you back to what matters most.

You need the accurate world-class tax prep and compliance, backed by industry experts to know what has changed. This is why we built our award-winning Corporate Tax solution– available on-premise or in the cloud can help you stay in compliance and meet all the demands of your business even when any changes occur. Our cloud-based Tax solution specifically helps you evolve as a modern-day professional, with the flexibility of retrieving information anytime, anywhere, and provides security features to protect your business’ confidential financial information and help you protect your business’ reputation.

As mentioned, with ever-evolving Corporate Tax regulations means the need to have an evolving end-to-end Corporate Tax Solutions for the now, but also for the future. Lean on us as a resource to get back to what matters most. Learn more about our award-winning CCH Axcess™ Tax solution here.

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Author: Jennifer Cunningham

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