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  • Ganapati Makes Presence Felt at the Asia Gaming Summit

    Two Ganapati team members were among top industry speakers invited to share their views at the summit.

    LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 19, 2018 /⁨EINPresswire.com⁩/ — The second Asia Gaming Summit took place between 6th-8th November in Taipei, offering …

  • Sopheon Named AIM Company of the Year by Shares Magazine

    LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 19, 2018 /⁨EINPresswire.com⁩/ — Sopheon, a global leader in enterprise innovation management solutions, has been named AIM Company of the Year by Shares magazine, the first time Sopheon has been selected for the honor. …

  • Solar Pump Options

    Many are considering solar water pump systems as the national grid is becoming risky and expensive!

    Tripple Hydro & Energy (NASDAQ:AFH)

    GEORGE, WESTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA, November 19, 2018 /⁨EINPresswire.com⁩/ — Water is on our priority list and …

  • Regalix Examines Account-Based Marketing in its Digital CMO Digest

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 19, 2018 /⁨EINPresswire.com⁩/ — The 9th edition of Regalix Inc.’s Digital CMO Digest is now live, and this time, it puts Account-Based Marketing (ABM) under the proverbial microscope. Each issue of the digest is …

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