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Five new CCH Axcess iQ events prompt new service opportunities for your firm – Tax & Accounting Blog

With the increasing commoditization of compliance services, fewer people think they need a tax professional simply to prepare a return. Added to this, DIY tax software and gig-economy tax preparation are driving prices down further. The market for traditional accounting services is shrinking as a result. However, using the right tools, you can position your firm as forward-thinking. In other words, provide progressive advisory services that create value for your clients and more revenue for your firm. 

In fact, CCH Axcess iQ was made with people like you in mind. By providing late-breaking news events from world-class Wolters Kluwer tax editors, iQ leverages the data that already exists in your CCH Axcess Tax returns to show you which of your clients are most likely to be affected by these events. With this knowledge, you can shift from a reactionary posture that is always playing catch-up with the latest tax developments, to a more proactive stance that seeks out the best opportunities for your clients today. 

The most recent publications in CCH Axcess iQ provide you with ample opportunities to offer specialized client services and drive necessary revenue opportunities. For example, here are 5 new CCH Axcess iQ events that may affect your clients:

  • Preventive Care HDHP Exceptions Expanded for Chronic Conditions 
  • Genetic Testing Service Cost May Include Deductible Medical Expenses 
  • Relief Procedure for Insurance Reserves and Policy Acquisition Expenses 
  • Relief from Addition to Tax for Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax by an Individual 
  • Continuity Safe Harbor Deadlines for Energy Credit Facility Construction 

CCH Axcess iQ helps you use tax events like these as the catalyst for new engagements with your clients. It also includes tools like client letters that help you begin the process of informing colleagues of the events and reaching out to clients. 

Find out how you can take advantage of the deep domain expertise and advanced technology provided with CCH Axcess iQ. Contact your solutions consultant or register for a demonstration. 

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Author: Jonny Rector

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