Now out of office, Donald Trump may have to face tax questions – Ghanamma.com

Jonathan O’Connell, David A Fahrenthold, Jeff Stein

Washington – Once his impeachment trial concludes and former president Donald Trump returns to his business, he will face some obvious challenges, such as declining real estate income and investigations from New York authorities.

But he may also have to finally face two tax issues that have been simmering in the background, either of which experts say could carry significant consequences should they materialise now that he is out of office.

One is a massive income tax refund Trump received before entering office, according to the New York Times, one that has quietly been under a years-long review by the Internal Revenue Service and a little-known congressional panel, the Joint Committee on Taxation.

The refund, which the IRS issued to Trump in 2010 for $72.9 million, according to the Times, could be a non-issue for Trump if the agency rules that it was issued appropriately and he should keep the funds.

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